Made in just under four hours for Ectocomp 2019.


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It was very creepy and unique! I liked the implications of what was happening with the reptiles combined with lack of explanation on that, it makes me question how and why this is happening. That is more creepy than knowing.

My only question is did the choices matter? It is implied at the end that if you showed you "knew too much" that there might be consequences, but I never saw anything that indicated what those were. It is also implied that the one living girl might not have survived, so again, do the choices matter? I only found two really different versions stemming from one choice: sealing the door vs running. Everything else is so open ended on if it does matter that it might as well have been a linear story.

Nice twist, well written, quite creepy! I especially like how the subtle choices affect your reflection on "Did I let on?" It's a clever way of making those choices matter without having to make a ton of branches.